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The Richest Man In Game Episode 13 Subtitle Indonesia


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Nonton The Richest Man In Game Episode 13 Subtitle Indonesia, Download The Richest Man In Game Episode 13 Subtitle Indonesia, Kami memiliki semua episode anime indo terbaru dalam video berkualitas tinggi. The Richest Man In Game selalu update di Samehadaku. jadi pantau terus samehadaku untuk semua pembaruan terbaru

The Richest Man In Game

The Richest Man In Game, Losing Money to Be a Tycoon, 亏成首富从游戏开始
Rating 0.0
Status: Ongoing Studio: Dirilis: 2024 Tipe: ONA
Pei Qian, an ordinary migrant worker, was accidentally bound to the wealth conversion system, which gave him a good opportunity to spend money in business and start his life over again. However, the system stipulates that you can only earn one yuan if you make a profit of 100 yuan, but all the money you lose can go into your own pocket. In order to lose money, Pei Qian chose the high-risk, money-burning game industry, and deliberately produced "alternative" games that went against the rules of the market. However, he unexpectedly became popular time and time again, earning a lot of money, and painfully became Pei Qian is the "business wizard" admired by everyone, but only Pei Qian understands that I really just want to lose money... (Source: Bilibili, Google translated)

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